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Milano, The New Discs - I Musici, Felix Ayo violin

Vivaldi 'Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'Invenzione' Op.8 concertos 5-6-7-8

"...The recording is superb; the ensemble's chorale reaches highly evocative tones and above all soloist Felix Ayo emerges with his smooth, authoritative sound. A splendid achievement...which we warmly commend for the beauty of the four concertos, the playing and the outstanding recording."

London, The Gramophone (Philips) I Musici, Felix Ayo violin.

Antonio Vivaldi 'The Four Seasons' op.8 "The performance and recording have become something of a classic in their own right and Ayo's interpretation of the solo part is magical."

Paris, Harmonie 

"...Felix Ayo fut le soliste illuminé d'un version inégalé des Quatre Saisons de Vivaldi..."

London, Consensus and Review 

Vivaldi 'The Four Seasons' I Musici, Felix Ayo violin

"Of the dozen or so mono versions of this hit of our times, the Philips one with Felix Ayo and 'I Musici' was exceptional. So is the new stereo version by the same forces.... Ayo is an extraordinary soloist".

Turin, La Stampa, I Musici, Felix Ayo violin

J. S. Bach Concerto in E major. 

"In the famous Adagio, soloist Felix Ayo and the ensemble achieve a truly extraordinary interpretative finesse and transcendental serenity."

Lausanne (Letter from A. Ysaye, 1963)

J.Haydn, Concerto in C major for violin and strings (Philips) I Musici, F. Ayo violon.

"My admiration for your remarkable interpretation of Haydn's concerto, which you play with the required precision, finesse and color. I very seldom give credit to today's violinists because very few understand that music cannot exist without emotion, poetry and heart... BRAVO and believe me my dear great violinist

your, A. Ysaye".

Paris, Harmonie

"It is enough to wonder if, since Sarasate, there has been a great Spanish violinist! Well, yes: it is Félix Ayo who was, at the dawn of stereo, the illuminated soloist of an incomparable version of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'.... His interpretation of Bach, it must be emphasized, is a superb achievement, so beautiful that at no time can it be compared to one's memories of other interpretations; Felix Ayo is there and subjects us to his conception, to his phrasing, to his intensity, to his music. In turn, Ayo achieves the miracle of keeping us interested for more than two hours with his single instrument; only Milstein and Grumiaux had managed it so well. Let us put him in the front row, he shows us that Spain (to whom Bach owed the resurrection of his cello!") is reborn in the violin. "                                                                   

- M. Mt

Milan, Discotheque Hi-Fi - Record of the month.

"... For what we consider the highest sonic peaks of the program: sonatas Nos. 1 and 3 and the celebrated Chaconne, the present soloist-instrumental pairing seems comparable, without overstating it, to others of great renown, such as the Milstein-Stradivari pairing, from which it differs, if anything, in certain more Latin-graded and nuanced executive inflections; in a certain sense, one could say that Ayo paints with his Gagliano where Milstein sculpts with his Stradivari. ..".                                                

- Antonio Pressi      


London, The Strad

"...These are distinguished and eminently stylistic readings that will bear favorable comparisons with recordings by some of the greatest violinists of our time, such as Suk, Meuhin, Szering and Milstein. Mr. Ayo is a Spanish violinist who trained in Paris and Rome and spent many years as leader and soloist of 'I Musici', making highly successful recordings in both roles. Technically and musically, he is up to the demands posed by these complex Bach works for solo violin. Intonation is impeccable throughout, and phrasing is beautifully matched...."        

- Peter Craddock

Milan, Super Stereo 

Felix Ayo is famous among the general public for his interpretations of Vivaldi.... but being a soloist of class and intelligence, his repertoire includes other composers with equal authority. This is clearly demonstrated in the case of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas. Facing musical texts that undoubtedly represent the most arduous test of a violinist, especially of intelligence and expressiveness, Ayo gives lessons in style and poetry.

- Angelo Foletto

F. Mendelssohn, CD Classica - Torino, Violin Concerto / Concerto for violin and piano

F. Ayo violin; Emma Jimenez piano; M. Bragado conductor. Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y León.

"...Ensuring the high level is above all the violin of Félix Ayo, the glorious soloist of the Musicians of the Golden Years, who confirms all his class in the tension of the phrasing, in the quality of the sound and in the magnificent legato of these interpretations..."

- Giuseppe Rossi

G. Tartini Repertoire - Paris 1993

Concertos for Vn. and strings; Vol.1 'Orch. Rossini de Pesaro'.

"Felix Ayo returns again, always with his beautiful sound, his touching lyricism and his great stylistic integrity..."                                                              

- Cristophe Robert

G. Tartini, CD Classica - Florence 1994. Concertos; Vol.2. Symphonia Perusina Orchestra

"Great Felix Ayo, a violinist of sure and timeless class, a musician who always thrills.... Very few 'modern' violinists know how to interpret Tartini with style. Ayo is one of them...".                                                      - - - -

- Enrico Corbi

G. Tartini , Fanfare - USA, 1994   

Concertos for violin and strings Vol.2.

"Ayo's sweet tone and technical poise are even more conspicuous in this 2nd volume. The recording is a most revealing and flattering portrait of Ayo as a violinist..... Tartini's tercentenary has passed, but the quality recordings keep coming. This is one of them... Enthusiastically recommended.                

- Robert Maxham

G. B. Viotti, Music - Milan, 1997 Sonatas

Felix Ayo Violin, Corrado de Bernart Piano.

"Listening to Felix Ayo one has the impression of hearing a human voice sing, so ductile are the nuances; balance, imagination, technical knowledge: we do not need these discs to recognize all these qualities in Felix Ayo ...De Bernart is also very cannot understand to what extent it is gained by the value of Viotti's writing and to what extent by the contribution of the two artists who work each bar like a jewel.

- E. Fava


J.Turina, Melomano - Madrid, 1999, Sonatas

Felix Ayo violin and Bruno Canino piano.

"Their interpreters are magnificent. The violinist Felix Ayo, plays with absolute morbidity and his mornings are always emotional and warm. One notices the affection he professes for this music, whose own affinity with it is great ..."

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