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“QUARTETTO BEETHOVEN DI ROMA” in 1970, from left to right: F. Ayo, violin, C. Bruno, piano, A. Ghedin, viola - E. Altobelli, cello

The Quartetto Beethoven di Roma, ever since its debut in 1970, has met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the press and public of five continents. With innumerable tours in Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. and a continuous presence in international festivals, the Quartetto Beethoven is without doubt one of the finest and best loved chamber ensembles in the world.
Felix Ayo, violin, Alfonso Ghedin, viola, Mihai Dancila, cello and Carlo Bruno, piano, all esteemed soloists, unite their individual artistic talents to bring to the Piano Quartet repertoire an incredible freshness of interpretation, which is renewed at each encounter.
Through international Masterclasses and Seminars, such as those at the “Victoria University” of Vancouver, the “Musikhochschule” of Freiburg and the “Conservatorium” of Sydney, the members of the Quartet have the opportunity to transmit their great musical experience to young musicians.
The Quartetto Beethoven di Roma has made many fine recordings of Piano quartets by Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Fauré, etc., and has been awarded the “Premio Discografico della Critica Italiana”.

“QUARTETTO BEETHOVEN DI ROMA” in 2000, from left to right: M. Dancila, Cello, F. Ayo, violin, C. Bruno, piano, A. Ghedin, viola

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